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A) Stamps - used
B) Stamps - unused
C) Varieties
D) Special cancels on stamps, single, strips or blocks, manuscript cancellations (pre 1950)
E) Travelling postal services
F) Perfins
G) Other
H) Bypost, Spitsbergen and polar related postal history
I) First Day Covers
J) Letters (by area/fylke) Includes used postcards and postal stationaries
M) Letters to Norway (contains also interesting homeplace items - local destionations)
N) Foreign
O) Lots and collections
Special event cancels and letters

About us

Welcome to my sale of Norwegian stamps and covers.

I am a stamp collector, but often buy large collections etc. to get covers or stamps that I want. The rest I am selling at this site, or at other auctions (either web auctions or with professional auctions firms).

Prices should be relatively reasonable compared to catalogue prices for material in fine to very fine quality. Superb or luxury items are of course priced higher.

I have most Norwegian stamps - and stamps with a relative low catalogue value can be ordered by sending me an e-mail. (50% discount on the latest "Norgeskatalogen").

I collect postal history western Norway (in particular Bergen and Sognefjorden area) - and prestamp (before 1855). The older the better...Please contact me if you have something to sell.


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